an education in style

I finally got around to watching the film An Education. I loved it so much that I watched it again, and then again with director’s commentary, and then felt the need to write about it here.

First, there’s the story: who wouldn’t want to be whisked away from drab english schoolgirl life by the effortlessly and endlessly charming Peter Sarsgaard (who plays David)? and then, ohmigod, picnic on the Seine in Paris! What a dream – très chic!

Second, there’s the entire visual look to the movie. It surprises me that it didn’t get nominated for an Oscar specifically for costume design or cinematography. I thought the film was truly beautiful to watch and so impeccably and stylishly shot. And the costumes….

The movie takes place in a suburb of London in 1961, on the eve of a cultural revolution. The costume designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux, created each character’s wardrobe using vintage dealers and costume houses. Only a couple of custom suits for the men were made for the film, and one gown worn by the singer in the Juliette’s restaurant/bar scene – which was inspired by the Dicks-Mireaux’s favorite Barbie doll when she was a young girl.

David:  Do you go to concerts?
Jenny: No. We don’t believe in concerts.
David: Oh, I assure you, they’re real.

Another thing that was really great about this movie was the music and how it was used. I loved the scene where Jenny was supposed to be writing her essay, but instead she was laying on the floor singing along to Juliette Greco. She was dreaming of a life that could be for herself.

“you have taste. that’s not half the battle, that’s the whole war.”  -Danny to Jenny

Jenny pre- David

Jenny meets David

and there’s fabulously chic dinners

and dancing!

While I adored Jenny’s transformation from wide-eyed 16 year old ingénue to sophisticated, Audrey-Hepburn-esque lady through wardrobe, I couldn’t help but really love Helen’s (the blond) outfits. She truly looked amazing in every scene. I totally would have petted her in her fur coat too.

I actually own a pillbox hat (inherited from my grandmother) made out of leopard just like the one Jenny is wearing below. I also find it hilarious that Jenny got just the hat – Helen totally one-uped her with the entire coat.

oh, yes, and then there was Paris….what a montage. le sighhhhh……

“So my choice is to do something hard and boring, or to marry my… Jew, and go to Paris and Rome and listen to jazz, and read, and eat good food in nice restaurants, and have fun! It’s not enough to educate us anymore Ms. Walters. You’ve got to tell us why you’re doing it. ”   -Jenny



having a moment: clogs

in case you haven’t heard, clogs are having a serious moment in fashion this spring. and we’re not talking the dansko earth mother trendy bainbridge high school circa 1999 kind of clogs either. we’re talking like high fashion, platform heel, killer clogs.

2 years ago i stumbled upon a pair of frye heeled clogs on serious markdown. i mean, they were a steal. and being a fan of frye, and always having a personal thing for clogs, i scooped them up.  even though i didn’t wear them tons that season, you bet i have broken um out lately. i couldn’t have been more thrilled to see them all over the magazines as the newest shoe trend.

the only problem is: i am a clomper of a walker. and these just take the term “clomp” to a new extreme (considering they weigh about 10 pounds and have no heel strap). like, as in, you can hear me coming down the hallway from a mile away. then again, i do like to make an entrance.


street style

well look who i magically ran into while roaming the streets of san francisco on a lovely wednesday evening…

she’s pretty huh? and she’s got style to boot.

love the printed silk pants

killer alexander wang coco mini duffel bag


cheap fashion thrill

i pretty much get a big kick out of cheap thrills in life. and most of us know that one of fashion’s cheapest thrills is fun with nail polish. i recently was able to get my digits on these polishes from cult-favorite brand Butter London’s new Jelly line and i am pretty much obsessed. easy to apply, sheer and happy colored, they make me smile. even if not on my nails, even if just sitting on my dresser.



the first post of, i’m sure, many subtitled: “if i could beam myself magically to New York for a bit, it would be for this”

debuting this week is the Wanderlust for Madewell capsule collection at the Soho Madewell store.

You see, one of my idols/fantasize about having your life gals is this chick named Elizabeth Keiser. She was living a fabulous fashion life in New York city, when all of a sudden, she decided to up and move to Cambodia after falling in love with it on a vacation. And then she started a line of clothes inspired by the country and opened up a boutique to sell them in – Wanderlust.

The 2nd part of this is that I have a serious thing for Madewell. I was lucky enough to randomly be in Atlanta this past December and for some reason (god knows how, because of all places, I would never assume there would be a Madewell store in Atlanta over SF)  I heard there was a Madewell store. I hadn’t seen any of the clothes before except the couple of jeans on shopbop, but I had heard about it. And since it was described as the “downtown cool” little sister of JCrew, I just knew I would like it (not that I don’t love/adore/admire JCrew in all its glory, I do have to funk up my pieces a bit). And I did like it, like a lot. Someday soon I will have to do a post of me in my Madewell finds.

Anyhoot, the point of all this is that despite the fact that collaborations these days are becoming quite de rigueur, and quite frankly, snoozeville, I fully support this one. 

ode to wanderlust:

ode to madewell:

wanderlust for madewell:



Inaugural Post

After much thought and push from some good friends, and a successful couple of guest appearances on Cheetah Is The New Black, I have decided to start my own blog.

Many of you know that I crave creative outlets to thrive in life , and (sorry mom) knitting was just not cutting it, and my room could not possibly be decorated any more. So here I am, venturing into the world of bloging, just for fun.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be messing with the layout and experimenting with posts until I find a groove. Bear with me for a bit! 

I hope you enjoy!

xoxox, Tara